Colon Hydrotherapy

Health from the Inside Out

Proper functioning of the colon is essential to preserve health. The colon is the main part of the system of excretion of the body and is responsible for eliminating food and other wastes from the body, as well as protecting us from infections and diseases.
Inadequate diet, lack of fiber, lack of exercise, stress, emotional problems and unhealthy habits of our society, are some of the reasons that cause our digestive system to malfunction.
Often, food that should have been evacuated, remains in our gut, sticking to its walls for a long time. Here it remains, rotting and fermenting, generating a multitude of toxins that end up being absorbed by the body.

We are auto intoxicating ourselves without knowing it.

Non-eliminated toxins pass into the blood and run through the body, that’s to say, “Forwarded to” the liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, stomach and skin. This intoxication manifests itself in the body, sometimes intensely, at many levels such as muscle aches, rheumatic disorders, skin alterations, liver problems, etc.
With the HC we thoroughly clean the intestine favoring the correct absorption of nutrients and adequate elimination of toxins.
This reversal rapidly improves many of the symptoms that appeared to be chronic. Our skin, the largest organ of the body, rapidly improves in coloration, nutrition and hydration. And not only that, our attitude in general improves too.

What does it consist of?

HC is a deep cleansing of the large intestine.
It is performed with a sophisticated machine that has rigorous security. Using a disposable and sterile cannula, irrigation is achieved deep inside the entire large intestine, removing fecal matter and waste toxic substances that are accumulated in it, thus avoiding contaminating the body.
The patient remains lying on a stretcher on their back, while a professional is at their side during the whole session controlling the flow, pressure and temperature of the water. In each session, we introduce several liters of osmotized water into the colon, smoothly in a controlled manner for the purpose of deeply “Bathing” the intestinal wall and, with the help of a smooth, specialized abdominal massage, it is possible to dissolve all the residues stuck inside the colon. In addition to osmotized water, ozone may be used if considered convenient.
Ozone is a disinfectant that when derived from oxygen does not present any side effects or contraindications. With its bactericidal, fungicidal and ant parasitic effect, the ozone cleans and heals the environment of the large intestine, neutralizing the toxins and helping to recover the mucosa.

Who can benefit from a HC?

HC is suitable for people who wish to perform a cleansing and general detoxification of the organism, as well as for those who suffer intestinal problems

How many sessions are needed?

From experience we know that, in order to guarantee correct cleaning of the colon, we need about three sessions. However, it will depend on the evolution of the therapy and the findings of the professional expert.
The duration of each session is about 40 minutes. At the end, the person can lead a normal life.


You cannot perform a colon hydrotherapy in the following cases:
Recent surgery of the large intestine or rectum
Pregnancy after 3 months
Anal fissures and fistulas
Intestinal ulcers and internal bleeding
Abdominal hernia


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Proper functioning of the colon is essential to preserve health.



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Neural therapy

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